About Shuji'Art

Who / What is "Shuji" ?

Hello! My name is Shuji, or in that case, my pseudonym. My real name is Rosélia, but on Internet i'm known as Shuji! I'm French but I prefer to speak in English. I am a content creator, more specifically a Vtuber streamer on Twitch. I always wanted to open a shop/propose some cool design on t-shirts but never took the time to do it, but now I have more free time and I know some very nice artists!

I play a lot of video games that I share by streaming, I love watching movies/tv shows, I spend my entire time to create stuff or learning new things and improve my skills. I think I watch one or two videos about computers every day, sometimes even more than that! To be honest, whatever the subject is, I can be interested by it. By doing all of that since i'm a kid, it allowed me to have lot of imagination and creativity! If you want to have fun with me, check my twitch channel! https://www.twitch.tv/shujifr

What is this shop?

It is one of my lifes goal and your next favourite shop! I am working with amazing artists to propose you some very nice designs, I hope you are gonna like them!

Before creating my brand and selling clothes, I am the kind of person that loves unusual t-shirts like geek style, pop-culture, parody, jokes, etc.. and most of the time, colourful. The thing is, I was used to buy my t-shirts very cheap but even after taking care of it, some of the designs were losing quality with time and that was kinda sad to see.

The solution I found was to buy some expensive t-shirts instead, but that was much too expensive for what it was. So, I found THE solution:
Creating my own brand, with the quality and designs I want whilst maintaining a low price.

What about the quality?

If you know what "Bella + Canvas 3001" is, you know it's a very good quality t-shirt! Very famous for the longevity, softness and retail fit (+ they are eco-friendly). It's the kind of t-shirt that once you wear it, you cannot go back..

I am using Printful services that allows my products to have a very high print quality with beautiful colours that does not have problems after a few washes as long you take care of it. You can find some pictures directly on my products pages, and more will come later! Don't hesitate to check their website: https://www.printful.com/quality

You can always check the reviews of the customers that bought my products.

Are you an artist?

I don't really know how to answer this question. Technically, not really, since i'm not the person that is drawing the designs, but I am the one that has the idea, imagine it, visualise it/draw a sketch and operate it. So, i'm more a sort of creator than an artist. Don't hesitate to check what artist made the design and contact them if you want! Please be respectful.

I am an artist and want to join your project, can I?

Of course! I'm always looking for more artists and ideas. If you are interested, contact me in private at shuji.art.shop@gmail.com, live on Twitch, or in the Discord!

What next?

The final goal is to have most of the products organic, eco-friendly and vegan approved materials. As well the possibility to put some little gifts in every orders/during a specific event and have more control of the products in general which includes custom eco-friendly packaging.

The problem when you are selling with a worldwide shipping is to find good products for a correct price and not at a high shipping cost. For now, i'm really happy with the shop, and my customers are too, but in the long term I want to have more possibilities and not only selling cartoon/fun designs. I have plenty of ideas and designs that are waiting to become reality.

I want a shop where customers will feel happy to see new products and enjoy them.

Illustration drawings by: @nanaienya - Twitter